Industrial Optimizers provides systems and services that increase profitability by means of optimization methods

Make sure to gain a competitive advantage with the MP² system. When resources are market priced, optimized utilization remains one of the unique ways for profitability improvement. The MP² system is a strategic tool combining planning and financial processes. Making astute management decisions helps determine the profitability of your operations – MP² keeps track on figures and facts.

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The design of MP² is based on customer requirements. The system has been in the transportation industry for more than twenty-five years and you will find users all around the world planning for their operations with MP².

The MP² is a unique software. It is the first system that manages schedule, maintenance, demand, connections, fleet and crew in one single software application. It brings instant optimization, analysis, cost- and revenue calculation for all these areas.

By integrating all critical features needed for the planning chain the planning sequence is shortened and cross functional improvements are achieved. It also gives the decision maker a unique ability to immediately see what impact each and every change has on the total picture of the schedule and timetable.