MP² AeroScheduler


The productivity tool for scheduling professionals.

• Scheduling including rotation optimization

• Itinerary Search and Connection Builder

The AeroScheduler is the fully-fledged scheduling tool for all types of airline operations.

It has been built to follow, and make use of, IATA and other known industry standards.

Schedule creation and editing is carried out interactively in the graphical environment supporting:

  • Schedule view edit

  • Gantt chart edit

  • Mass edit

The system dynamically checks feasibility and issues warnings when rules are not met. Restrictions and planning elements include:

  • Minimum turn times

  • Equipment and Range

  • Airport and movement constraints

  • Opening hours and curfews

  • Terminal and Gate constraints

  • Maintenance planning

A number of optimizers quickly build aircraft rotations and tail assignment considering flights as well as planned maintenance.

The AeroScheduler package contains all the reporting and analysis tools of the
AeroReporter, allowing users to immediately see the impact of schedule changes on
profitability, costs and utilization. Business graphics and a powerful report generator provides users with defined and reusable reports.

Schedules connection building capabilities and itinerary search features are among the many reporting functions. It provides schedule output in a variety of formats including SSIM Chapter 7 Dataset format.

The versatility of the system allows any number of schedules and projects to be handled and offers efficient schedule comparison functions. Scheduling of typical weeks as well as fully dated schedules is supported.