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Increased crew productivity at unparalleled speed.

• Crew Pairing Optimizer

• Crew Lines

1-5% productivity improvement
The Crew Pairing Optimizer is an optimizer for the purpose of creating optimal crew solutions.

Pre-built manual pairings are considered during the optimization run and the solution is built around these. Using the Crew Pairing Optimizer typically gives around a 1-5% productivity improvement, compared to manual planning. Adjusting schedule prerequisites (retiming, equipment changes) for crew purposes may double or triple the gain.

How does it work?
The Crew Pairing addresses the traditional “Crew scheduling problem”, a minimum cost set-covering problems where crews may operate from an arbitrary number of domiciles. More specifically crews are also divided into different categories and the crew complement may vary for each departure.

Embedded in the optimizer is a “passive transfer processor” which finds the least expensive itineraries while considering crew legality rules. It also automatically generates any ground transportation requirements.

Crew costs are defined by category and base, penalty costs may be added to control base distribution. Line costs are defined by station, for hotels and crew transportation, by route for tickets and positioning. Penalty costs may also be added on line-cost level. Allowances may either be defined by destination or in the customized legality rule set.

Crew/aircraft “synchronization” may be activated, reducing the number of aircraft changes for crew.

Any number of legality rule sets may be used and any set of pairings can be checked at any time against any available legality rule set.

Functions are available from context sensitive right-click menus.

If the user selects to manually build pairings or lock certain combinations, these will not be changed by the optimizer.

All pairings, manually or automatically designed, can be rolled out for any period of time.