MP² AeroFleetAssigner


Optimally use valuable assets to reduce cost and increase revenues

1.5 – 3% improvement in annual turnover with AeroFleetAssigner
By considering all cost and revenues associated with each flight in a schedule, it is possible to optimally assign the individual aircraft of a fleet in such a way that contribution is maximized.

Maximize the contribution
The AeroFleetAssigner considers all costs and revenues associated with each departure in the schedule. It is possible to assign the individual aircraft of a fleet in such way that the total contribution is maximized.

Due to its unique granularity of cost calculations, the AeroFleetAssigner generates substantial and tangible cost savings in addition to the revenue increases arising from reduced passenger spill.

The AeroFleetAssigner is designed to be used for both long term fleet assignment and ”closer-to-operation” assignment scenarios. One of the unique abilities of the AeroFleetAssigner is that it can very easily be connected to a Revenue Management and/or Booking system. With the possibility to work with real time demand data, the user is guaranteed an accurate and safe decision support result using the AeroFleetAssigner in “closer-to-operation” scenarios.

AeroFleetAssigner is connected to a rule module that holds information on which aircraft are allowed to fly what legs. Each individual leg in a rotation is considered in the optimization, at both the contribution and the constraint levels. Therefore, only feasible rotations will ever be produced. For example; it may not be possible to assign all aircraft, within each fleet, to all legs due to airport constraints or aircraft restrictions.

The unique ability to produce fleet and tail assignment, in one process, allows the system to also consider maintenance planning.

Passenger demand figures are supported down to booking class level, cost calculations include all operating costs and capital costs at any selected level.