Slot Management

Managing slots effectively can be crucial for an airline’s profitability. Failing to meet slot requirements can lead to economic penalties or even losing a slot entirely. Ensuring one makes the best use of slots held can help make an airline’s network deliver greater passenger numbers for a better bottom line.

MP² offers a comprehensive tool for the simple and effective management of your airline’s slots at coordinated airports. The Slot Management module is available on a standalone basis (in which case it can be interfaced with other systems, e.g. third party or in-house tools) or as part of the MP² AeroScheduler Plus package.

Using MP² gives you the whole picture of your slot usage and requirements. MP² will manage the distribution and receipt of all slot messages, improving accuracy and saving time.

Key features

  • Tracking historical slots

  • Identification of slot requirements in future schedules

  • Identification of unused and underused slots

  • Alerts on flights without slot clearance

  • 80/20 monitoring

  • Full management of messaging

    • Production, preparation, distribution and receipt of all slot-related message exchanges between coordinators/schedules facilitators

    • Full compliance with IATA SSIM chapter 6 requirements

    • Production of messages in CAAC format for China

  • Runs on SeTS - Sequential Timetable Server - facilitating multiple user and change management, communications and interfaces with third party systems

  • Report generation on a wide range of slot-related issues, including:

    • Slot utilization

    • Rescheduled flights

    • Changed slots

    • Slot status

    • Sent messages and much more

  • Real time alerts for pending and denied slot requests

  • Real time alerts for discrepancies between your schedule and slots held


Discover MP² AeroScheduler Plus, our package featuring Slot Management

Download Product Sheet (PDF): MP² Slot Management

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