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Tore Jenner, Chief Executive Officer

Tore Jenner, Chief Executive Officer

In 1989 most commercially available optimizers where based on main frame computers. The idea to run some of the most demanding number-crunching processes on the upcoming Personal Computing technology required innovative systems design and development.



Since the launch of its first aircraft rotation optimizer, solving large scale routing problems on a PC, the design of fast optimizers for desktop applications have been the company’s hallmark.

Over time the focus has shifted from resolving isolated optimization problems to provide top management with business decision support that simultaneously take all important aspects into consideration. Today’s comprehensive suite of solutions comprises optimization, management information and business intelligence and is available as licensed software, ASP or as a service.

Today, Industrial Optimizers offers developed solutions for any transportation network, such as aircraft, train, bus or shipping. Industrial Optimizers delivers an efficient tool that improves competition and at the same time reduces cost. Due to the system’s user friendliness, it has become the object of great appreciation from our clients all over the world.

The Company has been profitable throughout its three decades of operation. It has more than 70 clients on its books and serves some of the most successful airlines and transportation companies with systems or services.

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