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“We are two people administrating the MP2 system...”


“We are two people administrating the MP² system, involving both SAS' own as well as its wet leased operations. SAS operates more than 300 000 flights a year, divided into more than 450 routes, and the effort required to run the system, compared to the results obtained, is small indeed" says Kristofer, “Quickly, you will get figures on what is profitable, or less profitable, since the system is linked to actual flown figures as well as planned.

All our personnel in our Network Department use the system to monitor their routes". In addition you will get a good overview and an overall picture.” So says Kristofer “Bugge” Olsson of Scandinavian Airlines System, SAS.

Kristofer works as a Senior Network Analyst, with over 30 years of experience in the airline industry, within SAS. He is an MP² system ‘Super User’ and has been a part of the system project from conception to realisation and has acquired a deep knowledge of the MP² system.

SAS has been very creative in their work and have chosen to configure MP² with other vital data on an SQL -server. Within just a minute they have all the flight data on a website and can follow ”figures and facts” for each and every flight that they are operating.

It all began when Industrial Optimizers were assigned as an external consultant to perform an analysis of fleet management for SAS. The analysis was carried out using the MP² System software. Upon seeing the results of the analyses, SAS realized that further analytical projects, within the company, could be performed and substantially simplified by using MP² . A formal MP² project was founded and SAS, with Kristofer at the helm, soon proved and certified the system and the project was rolled out within the organization. Over the years, the MP² System has proven itself with SAS at one point handling six subsidiaries within the SAS group and the complex route hierarchy that comes with it.

Today, there are more than 50 MP² users within the SAS Group.