Customers are at the core of everything we do at Industrial Optimizers. We supply and help transportation companies around the world to customized and flexible services.


Consulting can be delivered over one or two hours as a webinar, or over several days; at your premises or in one of our offices or as a report or in a management presentation. The consultancy services that we provide can help you understand and meet your market demands anywhere in the world.

The Industrial Optimizer team are experts at bridging planning and financial processes with the support of MP².   

Making the right management decisions will determine your operations profitability. Have you compared the different schedule alternatives from both a cost and revenue point of view before deciding what to do?

Below follows examples of various studies that can be done.

•    Evaluation of Codeshare agreements
•    Aircraft Rotation Optimization, improved reliability of schedule implemantation
•    Schedule re-timings to improve passenger connections
•    Aircraft re-assignment to improve utilization and reduce costs
•    Bottleneck analysis to reduce fleet
•    Analysis and comparisons of different schedule alternatives from a cost and revenue perspective
•    Slot Management, in accordance with the IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines
•    Effects on punctuality from synchronized aircraft, cockpit and cabin crew rotations
•    Impact and sensitivity of modified crew legality rules

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