MP² AeroScheduler Plus


Airline profitability enhancement from powerful schedule optimization.

• Slot Management

• Maintenance Router

• Equalizer

• Codeshare Management

• Positioning Flight Optimization

• Compaction Assignment

• Sequential Timetable Server (SeTS)

The Plus package adds Code share management, schedule distribution, multi-user support, schedule version management and further optimization tools to the basic AeroScheduler package.
Included is full support for management of IATA SSM and ASM scheduling messages as well as Airport Slot management functionality.

The Code share management features cover comparisons with, and adjustments to, partner schedules, reporting and analysis of Code shares and links to Operational flights.
Within the schedule management features, one will find complete transaction logging, audit trails and distribution data, of released schedules, to external systems or stakeholders. The multi-user functions dynamically inform all users of changes made to the schedule.

In addition to the many rotation optimizers in AeroScheduler, the Plus optimization suite contains:

  • Maintenance optimization, rule driven routing and tail assignment options

  • Positioning flight optimization, automatically creates ferry flights to resolve imbalances at lowest cost

  • The Equalizer, distributes hours or cycles evenly over the aircraft in the fleet

  • The possibility for users to define objective functions freely

  • A Compaction assigner, that creates rotations for schedules that are imbalanced or contain geographic conflicts

Slot Management
The MP² slot functionality assists you in the management of your slots at Levels 1, 2 and 3 airports. It enables the production, and preparation for distribution, of messages that let the Coordinator or Schedules Facilitator know the status of your airline’s schedule and any amendments you may request. The slot messages are built in strict compliance with chapter 6 of the IATA SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual).

Benefits of MP² Slot Management

  • MP² will help you save time and costs through strategic slot management, by:

  • Keeping track of your historic slots.

  • Evaluating the slot requirements in your future schedule.

  • Identifying the slots that you might not use

  • Alerts on flights without slot clearance

  • Enabling the production, and preparation for distribution, of all slot-related messages.

Enables you to produce reports on a wide range of slot-related issues, such as; slot utilization, re-scheduled flights, changed slots, slot status, and sent messages.


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