MP² AeroStrategizer


Making the right decisions today determines the profitability of tomorrow

• Market Modelling

• Connection Maximizer

• Clean Sheet Scheduler

• Codeshare Selection

Market modelling
The purpose of the AeroStrategizer is to evaluate future airline schedules from a commercial perspective. It supports the user in creating and modifying schedules by simulating the commercial properties of schedule alternatives. Profitability measures are dynamically calculated and are based on the simulation of market sizes, competitors, fare structures and passenger preferences.

The AeroStrategizer estimates future market shares, load factors, route and flight profitability. It supports the decision maker in creating multiple scenarios where varying market situations are rapidly modelled.

Connection optimizer
For network and point-to-point operations, it is crucial to assess the connection possibilities within one’s own and competing networks. The AeroStrategizer includes connection optimization features, suggesting changes to gain additional and profitable connections.

Codeshare arrangements, variations of schedules and minimum connecting times are all modelled and the system will show lost or gained connections, market share impact and revenue implications.

Automatic schedule creation
AeroStrategizer addresses the strategic management decisions of determining most profitable destinations, the number of frequencies and the optimal fleet mix to serve these.

It will automatically generate new schedules – entirely or partially – giving decision makers the ability to consider a multitude of schedule options in shortest possible time.

Integrated OAG worldwide schedules and minimum connecting time data feed is available