MP² BusScheduler Plus


Operational profitability
enhancement from powerful schedule optimization.

The BusScheduler Plus takes scheduling to a completely new level. It provides benefits through unique optimization possibilities, such as:

-Capacity optimization, which distributes the vehicles based on capacity, revenue and cost

-Positioning optimization, which automatically creates bus runs to resolve imbalances at the lowest cost

-An Equalizer, which compares vehicle and driver time and ‘equalizes’ that time across the schedule

-Maintenance optimization, which provides rule driven routing and tail assignment options

-Compaction assigner, which creates rotations for schedules that are imbalanced or contain geographic conflicts

The user will also benefit from:

-Version handling of timetables with complete transaction logging audit trails

-multi-user functions that dynamically inform all users of any changes made to the schedule

-Automatic distribution of timetables to external systems or stakeholders

The Plus package contains all the reporting and analysis tools of the BusReporter and at the same time gives the user all the benefits from the BusScheduler in regards to schedule creation and editing.