Meet us at World Routes 2018, Guangzhou


The Industrial Optimizers team will be at this month's World Routes 2018 in Guangzhou, China. We're looking forward to meeting existing clients and making new contacts.

We'd welcome the opportunity to present MP2 to you. MP2 can help your airline's route network maximize its profitability potential.  Its vast array of functionality includes tools for forecasting new route opportunities.

To arrange a meeting with a member of our team, email or visit the Contact section of our website.

World Routes 2018, Guangzhou: 15-18 September 2018

Press release: Cebu Pacific chooses MP2 to support its growth

Vancouver, 19 June 2018. Cebu Pacific, the leading carrier in the Philippines, has signed an agreement with Industrial Optimizers to implement MP2 as its multifunctional network planning, scheduling and analysis tool.

Cebu Pacific will use MP2 as its core network planning, scheduling and analysis solution, including slot management, fleet assignment, and other planning support functionalities. MP2’s Clean Sheet Scheduler will let Cebu Pacific model different route network scenarios based on financial data, while MP2’s Sequential Timetable Server (SeTS), which includes change, version and message management will allow a seamless and efficient integration with Cebu Pacific’s existing reservation, and airline operations systems. 

 Pictured(left to right) at the IATA Slots Conference, Vancouver: James Gardner (Business Development Manager, Industrial Optimizers); Angela Lugtu (Manager, Network Management, Cebu Pacific); Dio Angelo Alojado (Director, Network Management, Cebu Pacific); Steve Cobb (Business Development Manager, Industrial Optimizers).

Pictured(left to right) at the IATA Slots Conference, Vancouver: James Gardner (Business Development Manager, Industrial Optimizers); Angela Lugtu (Manager, Network Management, Cebu Pacific); Dio Angelo Alojado (Director, Network Management, Cebu Pacific); Steve Cobb (Business Development Manager, Industrial Optimizers).

“It was imperative for Cebu Pacific to invest in technologies that can help optimize our fleet usage and network. We compared solutions available in the market today and chose Industrial Optimizers’ MP² system as best fit for our needs and requirements. The MP² solution will give us the tools to manage our network as we continue to grow our operations and will allow us to make decisions that will help maximize the profitability potential of our growing fleet,” said Dio Angelo Alojado, Director for Network Management of Cebu Pacific.

Industrial Optimizers’ Chief Executive Officer, Tore Jenner, said, “We are delighted that Cebu Pacific selected MP2. MP2 will give Cebu Pacific the tools to see how every aspect of their operation affects profitability and costs. We look forward to working with their team.”

About Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB) is the largest carrier in the Philippine air transportation industry, offering its low-cost services to more destinations and routes with higher flight frequency within the Philippines than any other airline. Founded in 1996, Cebu Pacific has carried over 150 Million passengers since inception across 37 destinations within the Philippines and 26 international destinations across Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Guam. Cebu Pacific operates one of the youngest fleets in the world with an average age of below five years old for all its aircraft. Its 66-strong fleet is comprised of four Airbus A321ceo (Current Engine Option), 36 Airbus A320, eight Airbus A330, eight ATR 72-500, and ten ATR 72-600 aircraft. Between 2018 and 2022, CEB expects delivery of three more Airbus A321ceo, 32 Airbus A321neo, and six ATR 72-600 aircraft. For more information, visit

About Industrial Optimizers
Industrial Optimizers, established in 1989, provides planning and optimization software solutions for the transportation sector. Its MP2 system has more than 300 users worldwide. Industrial Optimizers’ products bridge the gap between operational and financial planning, giving clients the tools for informed decision making.

For more information, please contact:

Industrial Optimizers: 
James Gardner
Business Development Manager
Office:     +46 (0)8 440 79 35
Mobile: +46 (0)70 924 26 41

Cebu Pacific:
Charo Logarta Lagamon
Director – Corporate Communications
+63 28027000 ext 6172

Let's talk MP2...

... that's our flagship network planning, scheduling and analysis tool. MP2 bridges the gap between planning and financial processes. It contains powerful functionality for slot and codeshare management, it will produce all manner of reports, and its optimizers will add a whole new level of efficiency to your operations. MP2 is available in a variety of packages to ensure you get the right functionality for your needs.

The Industrial Optimizers team will be at the following industry events in the coming weeks:

ROUTES EUROPE, Bilbao: 22 - 24 April 2018

IATA SLOT CONFERENCE, Vancouver: 19 - 21 June 2018 - Exhibition Booth 60

It would be our pleasure to explore what MP2 could do for your airline.

To arrange a meeting in either Bilbao or Vancouver, contact us by clicking here.


Welcome James Gardner, the new Business Development Manager at Industrial Optimizers!

James chooses travel, a good book and a porter in front of the fireplace ...

What's going on right now?
“Right now, I’m enjoying learning a lot about my new hometown through reading the Swedish author Per Anders Fogelström’s City novels, a series of five books set in the Stockholm of yesteryear. I like to discover a new place by casting the guide books aside and allowing myself to get a little lost. I´ve already found some great bars and cafes here that way."

How would your friends describe you?
“Tall, likes watching strange sports, loves seafood, always planning a trip to an unusual place, likes drinking porter in pubs with fireplaces… Otherwise, I run and I like to watch ice hockey.”

What are you looking forward to with your new role at Industrial Optimizers?
“I like the agile nature of the company and its ability to tailor solutions to client needs. I’m looking forward to getting to know our existing clients and spreading the news of our solutions to new audiences.”

James grew up in the southern English city of St Albans. For the past three years, he´s been living in Manchester working for the air service development events company Routes. James has a Nordic background, his mother is originally from a Swedish-speaking part of Finland.
“Along with my mother, my English father, as well as my sister live in England, but I have a large extended family spread across Finland and Sweden”.

Get in contact with James Gardner:

+46 709 24 26 41



New agreement between BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines) and Industrial Optimizers

Stockholm (October 11, 2017) BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines) and Industrial Optimizers have signed an agreement concerning;
The MP² AeroScheduler and the MP² AeroFleetAssigner software including the functionality for Scheduling, Network and Profitability analysis.

This solution will enable BRA to fully optimize its fleet utilization while simultaneously lowering costs and increasing revenues across its operations.

“We handle 13 destinations and over 2.3 million passengers all over Sweden. We need dependable software that meets our demands so we can continue to provide a reliable service to our customers.  Industrial Optimizers impressed us with the broad functionality and high quality of its products and services,” said Jan-Olov Forss, SVP Network & Charter and Revenue Management.

BRA made indicative tests of the MP² system that proved a potential for economic improvements and administrative gains. The AeroScheduler package contains all the reporting and analysis tools needed to immediately see the impact of schedule changes on profitability, costs and utilization. This, in combination with the robust AeroFleetAssigner that optimally assigns the individual aircraft, will provide, all together, a technologically advanced solution.

 “We are delighted to have signed BRA as a new customer to join the growing MP² community” says Tore Jenner, CEO at Industrial Optimizers, “We very much look forward to our forthcoming cooperation”.

About BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines)
BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines, is one of Sweden’s leading domestic airlines. BRA fly to 17 destinations and carries more than 2,2 million passengers annually. In 2016 and 2017 BRA was awarded as the airline with the most satisfied passengers in Sweden. 1200 persons are employed by the company, located across Sweden. BRA has high environmental standards and aim to half the fossil carbon emissions by 2025. Through the owner of BRA, the family of Per G Braathen, the aviation DNA of BRA reach back as far as to 1946, when the very first airline of the family was founded, Braathens S.A.F.E. For more information, please visit:

For more information please contact: (BRA)
Emma Sandsjö, SVP Communications, +46 76 555 74 03 or

About Industrial Optimizers
Since 1989 Industrial Optimizers has developed optimization software for the transport industry and today the MP² system has more than 300 users world-wide. New features are successively added to the product line, assuring state-of-the-art solutions.
For more information about Industrial Optimizers please visit:

For more information please contact: (Industrial Optimizers)
Charlotta Lindén, Marketing Director, +46 706 16 24 84 or

MP² AeroScheduler
MP² AeroFleetAssigner

BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines)

Season's Greetings

We would like to wish you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous Happy New Year! Many thanks for your support and cooperation throughout 2017. We are already looking forward to another amazing year.

A gift that saves lives...

This year we have decided to give a donation to Medicins Sans Frontiere an organization with medical teams that act fast to save people’s lives in areas where they are needed the most. Human connections are at the heart of their work; collectively, they help millions of people every year. Together we can make a difference.

Enable Route Profitability

As millions of passengers plan their travels around the world, Industrial Optimizers took some time to reflect on the question; “What matters most when passengers make their choice of airline to travel with?”

Various answers spring to mind, for example; seat pitch, customer experience, baggage cost. But, the most likely reply would probably be: “A low overall ticket price!” To stay in a competitive advantage, it is vital to monitor all of the airline’s revenues and costs.

Budget and Route Profitability Enhancements
The MP² system has the market’s most advanced features for monitoring revenue and cost. The budget and route profitability enhancements make it easy to compare the values from the budget with the actual outcome. It also allows for a very fast schedules based budgeting process, where budget values may be defined on aggregated levels.

Would you like to learn more about MP² and the Budget and Route Profitability Enhancements?
Please, contact Industrial Optimizers.


See you at the 141th IATA Slot Conference in Madrid

Make sure to gain a competitive advantage with the MP² system. When resources are market priced, optimized utilization remains one of the unique ways for profitability improvement. The MP² system is a strategic tool combining planning and financial processes. Making astute management decisions helps determine the profitability of your operations – MP² keeps track on facts and figures.

Visit us at booth 79, at the 141th IATA Slot Conference in Madrid, Spain

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Elmia Nordic rail and Elmia Future Transport exhibition

We look forward to attending the Elmia Nordic rail and Elmia Future Transport exhibition, being held 10 – 12 October. This is an exhibition that has become an important forum for discussing the current Railway Industry as well as its future transport aspirations within the Northern European rail system

If anyone would like to meet up at Elmia, please contact Charlotta Lindén via phone +46 70 6162484 or by email 




New Agreement with Oman Air

A330 2oman.jpg


Stockholm (August the 22nd, 2017) – Oman Air and Industrial Optimizers have signed an agreement concerning;

The MP²  AeroFleetAssigner optimizer, including the functionality for scheduling and Network analysis.

“We are very happy with this agreement and excited to work with Oman Air, an airline that is renowned for their high quality of service”, says Tore Jenner, CEO at Industrial Optimizers. “The cooperation with Oman Air is strategically important to us. This agreement will enable us to strengthen our position in the Middle-East.”

Oman Air’s fleet consists of a wide range of aircraft types with different seat configurations. Due to the variety of possible aircraft assignments it is a challenge to optimize the aircraft utilization without a proper optimization tool. Oman Air decided to do some research on the various optimization software solutions in the market and decided upon the robust MP²  AeroFleetAssigner*.

“We compared solutions from different providers and became convinced that Industrial Optimizers offers a reliable product,” said Paul Gregorowitsch, Oman Air CEO. “The many functions of the MP² AeroFleetAssigner meet our demands for high quality and cost savings alike which are the key aspects of our continuing success.”

About Oman Air
Oman Air is the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman. The airline is a business enterprise committed to the basic objective of providing safe, reliable and profitable air transport services for passengers and cargo as well as other aviation related services.
For more information about Oman Air please visit:

For more information please contact:
Usama Al Haremi
Tel : + 968 24259616
Mob: + 968 99363693

About Industrial Optimizers
Since 1989 Industrial Optimizers develops optimization software for the transport industry and today the MP²  system has more than 300 users world-wide. New features are successively added to the product line, assuring state-of-the-art solutions.
For more information about Industrial Optimizers please visit:

For more information please contact:
Steve Cobb, Director UK
Tel : +44 1582 797661
Mob: +44 7748 772967

*The MP²  AeroFleetAssigner is designed to be used for both long term fleet assignment and for “closer-to operation” assignment scenarios. Each individual leg in a rotation is considered in the optimization, at both the contribution and the constraint levels. Therefore, only feasible rotations will ever be produced.

Contact Industrial Optimizers

The Code-share challenge


Every year, around 30 million code-share flights are operated and published. With its commercial advantages this number is increasing, as is the number of changes to airline schedules being made each season. Keeping partner schedules synchronized for every flight, on every day, is an administrative challenge for any code-sharing airline.

The MP² code-share software, from Industrial Optimizers, finds and removes discrepancies between partner schedules, identifies publication differences and reduces the time and work needed for code- share managers. It is run with standard SSIM files or published schedules (such as those from OAG) and it is available as licensed software or as a service, both producing synchronized industry standard schedule files.

The easiest way to see what the MP² code-share software can do is to contact us for the “Code-share Challenge” and we will provide the details for running the service on your data.

Welcome to contact us!

One percent…

For cost-conscious airlines, operating easily interchangeable families of aircraft, our solution for optimized aircraft assignment renders substantial cost savings and is easily implemented. We would like to offer you a free test to determine the potential profit for your operation.

The data is presented to a very detailed level, giving the user a clear picture of where the airline is making or losing money. With a potential of a 1, 2 or even up to 3 percent overall improvement, for your airline, we can offer a free of charge, no-commitment “Percentage Test”, established using your airline’s data, which will clearly show the achieved cost and revenue improvements for your operation.

Please respond and we will provide you with all details for performing the Percentage Test.

Click contact and sign up for a Percentage Test.

Welcome Nishita!

Nishita Vegi, 22, had plans to become an engineer with the Indian Air Force when she received the news that she was one of 5 students, from amongst 3000 applicants, who had won a scholarship for a Master’s Degree from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)in Stockholm, Sweden.
“ I have really got everything I wished for”, said Nishita, upon learning of her good fortune.

The KTH Scholarship Master Challenge gives a full scholarship (to the selected student) to complete a two-year programme in aerospace engineering, that goes towards a Master of Science degree.

As a final, vital part of her degree, the Master’s Thesis, Nishita decided to combine her interest in optimization with practical experience from working with a company;
“I fell in love with optimization when I got to learn more of what can be done with it”, said Nishita.

As an expert in the field of optimization, Industrial Optimizers was a natural first choice, for Nishita, when deciding to what companies she should send out her applications to.

She is looking forward to integrating her knowledge of optimization in a thesis on Airline Codeshare Management*. Amongst other items, she will look into topics such as:
-Why Codeshare and with which airlines?
-What are the factors that matter the most when selecting a Codeshare partner?
-Revenue split up between the two partners and agreements.

Nishita originally comes from the southern part of India but, travelling with her family, grew up in many different places. As a result, she has always been open to learning new languages and getting to know different cultures. Her interest in aviation came early;
“When I was a kid, my uncle showed me a plane. From the start I knew I was going to work with something related to airplanes”, and her interest was built upon during her technology studies for a Bachelor of Science degree in India.

Nishita also has a great interest in business management. In parallel with her studies, she managed to run a company that organized technical and cultural events.

The KTH scholarship, which also is sponsored by SAAB Aerospace, has opened up many doors for her. As a prize winning student, she explores the city of Stockholm and its environs, meeting new people from a variety of cultures and from many different countries. In fact, in her first month in this new country, Nishita had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, including Christer Fugelsang, the Swedish astronaut!

Nishita is also a Student Ambassador for KTH. Her main task, as a student Ambassador, along with other student ambassadors is to inform about the programs available at KTH and the student life therein.
“The cherry on the top was the conference that was held with over 100 astronauts. I got to meet astronauts from the ASE (Association of Space Explorers) that held their Planetary Congress at KTH and got a one-on-one chat with astronaut Anna Fisher from the US. Meeting all these people who are exploring space and being at the forefront of aeronautics and space sciences was truly amazing!”, Said Nishita.

If you are interested in Codeshare Management and would like to learn more, you are welcome to contact us at Industrial Optimizers

*Airline Codeshare Management in the MP2 system
There are two principle areas in the MP2 system, administration of existing Codeshare arrangements, and decision support for selecting new Codeshare arrangements.

Airline Codeshare Management selection
The system provides two ways to determine best Codeshare partners and flight;

Simulation and What-if studies for tentative partner arrangements.
Optimization software to determine best partners and flights.
This also includes a Connection maximizer suitable for improving partner connections.

Airline Codeshare Management administration
-MP² holds information of the airline’s various Codeshare agreements.
-MP² supports the management of Marketing flights for the airline’s own flights.
-Marketing flights in the system is made either through user editing or by loading code share partners’ SSIM files. The system automatically performs comparisons between a partner’s schedule data with the airline’s own schedule data, identifying any mismatches between Marketing flights and their respective Operational flights.