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The Code-share challenge


Every year, around 30 million code-share flights are operated and published. With its commercial advantages this number is increasing, as is the number of changes to airline schedules being made each season. Keeping partner schedules synchronized for every flight, on every day, is an administrative challenge for any code-sharing airline.

The MP² code-share software, from Industrial Optimizers, finds and removes discrepancies between partner schedules, identifies publication differences and reduces the time and work needed for code- share managers. It is run with standard SSIM files or published schedules (such as those from OAG) and it is available as licensed software or as a service, both producing synchronized industry standard schedule files.

The easiest way to see what the MP² code-share software can do is to contact us for the “Code-share Challenge” and we will provide the details for running the service on your data.

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