Ahead of IATA's 145th Slot Conference: How are you managing your airline's slots?

Slots, slots, slots. There just aren't enough of them to go around at the world's most popular airports as airlines continue to grow capacity.

This makes efficient management of your slot portfolio more important than ever.

  • Do you have difficulty monitoring your 80/20 rule compliance?

  • Are you unsure if your current schedule makes the best use of your existing slots portfolio?

  • Do you need to identify your network's slot requirements?

  • Or are you just spending far too much time administering slots?

MP2 Slot Management gives you the tools to manage all of your slots needs with improved accuracy. Its message automation functionality will save you valuable time, time you can use for other important activities.

MP2 Slot Management's Key Functionality

  • Full message management: preparation, production, distribution and receipt of all slot-related messages between coordinators/schedules facilitators

  • Historical slots tracking

  • Identification of slot requirements in future schedules

  • Identification of unused and underused slots

  • Alerts on scheduled flights without slot clearance

  • 80/20 functionality

  • Report generation on wide range of slot-related issues including slot utilization, rescheduled flights, changed slots, slot status etc.

  • Real time alerts for pending and denied slot requests

  • Real time alerts for discrepancies between your schedule and slots held

Contact us today to arrange an online demo of MP2 Slot Management or visit us at stand 408 at next week's IATA Slot Conference in Brisbane.