Industrial Optimizers' CEO Tore Jenner guested AviaDev's podcast

Tore Jenner, Industrial Optimizers’ CEO

Tore Jenner, Industrial Optimizers’ CEO

Industrial Optimizers are sponsoring AviaDev Europe 2019, an aviation route network development conference taking place in Valencia later this month.

This week, Industrial Optimizers’ CEO Tore Jenner guested AviaDev’s aviation podcast show. In the episode, Tore reveals how his career led him to optimization. He also highlights some of ways our MP2 tool can improve the profitability of airlines and support airports build business cases.

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

AviaDev Europe 2019 will be held between 22-25 October 2019 in Valencia, Spain. If you are attending, contact us to arrange a meeting and find out more about MP2.