Supporting Orbis - The Global Eye Care Charity

As we prepare to celebrate our third decade of operations, Industrial Optimizers have committed to making a regularized annual donation to Orbis, the global sight saving charity.


Orbis operate a Flying Eye Hospital and run several global programs to prevent avoidable blindness. The Flying Eye Hospital, a converted MD-10 aircraft, is staffed by volunteer flight crew and medical eye specialists. It brings vital treatment to people in areas of the world without access to life transforming eye care. Orbis also run a number of long-term country programs that promote eye care awareness and training.   

Orbis focus upon fostering self-sufficiency in treating avoidable blindness. Through training local medical teams, Orbis empower local communities and leave behind a long-term eye care legacy that will restore vision for generations to come.

“Orbis are an amazing organization with the ability to transform the lives of people around the world. The stories from patients helped by Orbis are truly moving; the hard work of Orbis volunteers is truly inspiring. We are proud to support Orbis’ mission to fight preventable blindness with a regular annual donation.”

Tore Jenner, CEO, Industrial Optimizers

Next year, Industrial Optimizers will celebrate thirty years since its establishment in 1989.