Welcome James Gardner, the new Business Development Manager at Industrial Optimizers!

James chooses travel, a good book and a porter in front of the fireplace ...

What's going on right now?
“Right now, I’m enjoying learning a lot about my new hometown through reading the Swedish author Per Anders Fogelström’s City novels, a series of five books set in the Stockholm of yesteryear. I like to discover a new place by casting the guide books aside and allowing myself to get a little lost. I´ve already found some great bars and cafes here that way."

How would your friends describe you?
“Tall, likes watching strange sports, loves seafood, always planning a trip to an unusual place, likes drinking porter in pubs with fireplaces… Otherwise, I run and I like to watch ice hockey.”

What are you looking forward to with your new role at Industrial Optimizers?
“I like the agile nature of the company and its ability to tailor solutions to client needs. I’m looking forward to getting to know our existing clients and spreading the news of our solutions to new audiences.”

James grew up in the southern English city of St Albans. For the past three years, he´s been living in Manchester working for the air service development events company Routes. James has a Nordic background, his mother is originally from a Swedish-speaking part of Finland.
“Along with my mother, my English father, as well as my sister live in England, but I have a large extended family spread across Finland and Sweden”.

Get in contact with James Gardner:

+46 709 24 26 41