MP² Rail


Strategic Decision Support in an Integrated Package

MP² Rail makes it possible for railway operating companies to combine planning and scheduling with financial processes.

The impact from any change made to the schedule is directly visible in the system, seen from the perspective of both revenue and associated costs. MP² Rail will consider day, month and season. It all depends on the resulting data that you would like to analyze.

Transparent Operational Efficiency and Easy to Use Functionalities
MP² Rail’s ‘ease-of-use’ allows Schedule Planners to quickly create timetables in different scenarios and compare the solutions. Having the ability to overview and then analyze data from timetables, required vehicle assignments, expected passenger demand and also to consider crew planning, both from a cost and a revenue perspective, gives the user a clearer picture of from where, and why, the company is generating or losing income. All results are easily presented in a range of pre-defined and user-created reports. With the help of MP² Rail the operational efficiency of any transport company will become very transparent.

Clean Sheet Scheduling (CSS)
When desired the Clean Sheet Scheduler will automatically generate new timetables – entirely or partially – giving decision makers the ability to consider a multitude of timetable alternatives from a strategic perspective. This takes fleet and schedules optimization to an even higher level!

MP² Rail can help you to:

  • Find rolling stock timetable and schedule solutions with low operational costs and high service quality.

  • Simulate impact on timetable and schedule changes considering both cost, revenue, service and robustness.

  • Analyze revenue considering passenger numbers, booking classes, ticket prices, train frequency and configuration.

  • Making effective use of rolling stock by building up schedules to cover peak hours and breaking down schedules to save costs during off-peak hours.

  • Adjust the capacity by optimizing assignment of different types of rolling stock and number of train units to the different lines of the network.

  • Ensure that the rolling stock is balanced for the night, thus saving money by preventing expensive dead-heading trips.

  • Avoid repetitive planning by using automatic roll-out features for the timetable/schedule.

  • Consider staff Duty Optimization.

  • Plan for vehicle maintenance.


Download Product Sheet (PDF): MP² Rail