MP² Marine


Strategic Decision Support in an Integrated Package

MP² Marine is a powerful strategic optimization tool. Combining voyage planning, scheduling and analysis, with financial processes. The system makes it possible for deep sea and short sea vessels, deployed in both liner and tramp services, to become more profitable. MP² Marine will consider any planning period. The impact from any change made to the schedule is directly visible in the system, seen from the perspective of both revenue and associated costs. The results you get and would like to analyze is depended on your input of data.

Transparent Operational Efficiency and Easy to Use Functionalities
MP² Marines’ ease-of-use allows Vessel Schedule Planners to quickly create different scenarios and compare the solutions. Having the ability to overview and then to analyze data from the sailing schedules all associated running trading costs as well as capital cost provides a powerful tool for complete analysis and planning of the service network. This in combination with analysis of the revenues generated gives the user a clear picture of where and why the company is generating profit or loss. All results are easily presented in a range of pre-defined and user-created reports. With the help of MP² Marine the operational efficiency of any transport company will become transparent.

Clean Sheet Scheduling (CSS)
MP² Marines’ schedule optimization tools offer economic improvements by refining the sailing schedules. The CSS elevates Fleet and Schedule optimization to an even higher level; using commercial constraints, combined with your fleet characteristics, feasible and potentially profitable sailing schedules are created.

The CSS module addresses the strategic management decisions of determining most profitable ocean services with the optimal sailing frequency and port coverage, and where required, the optimal fleet mix of relevant vessels to serve these. In addition it will automatically generate new sailing schedules – entirely or partially – providing decision makers the ability to consider a multitude of schedule options through saved time. When running the CSS, the optimizer may be fed with additional constraints like working hours in port, vessel off hire periods, vessel capacity, canal routing consideration, draft restrictions etc. The CSS mathematically solves a resource optimization problem, which in combination with the MP² rotation optimizers, will produce a complete schedule in a single process. The CSS algorithm can consider cargo jobs available and work out which should be taken in order to maximize profitability.

MP² Marine can help you to:
-Simulate impact on schedule changes considering both cost and revenue
-Schedule and optimize service product and network
-Become more effective with adaptive and flexible vessel capacity planning and providing assignment options
-Avoid repetitive planning using the roll-out features
-Plan for offline time and maintenance
-Automate generation of sailing schedules with Clean Sheet Scheduling