Mission and values


The Company Mission

”To increase our customers’ profitability by implementing optimization systems and services”

The Company Vision
“Industrial Optimizers is a natural partner for any transportation company in terms of providing systems and services by means of optimization methods.”

  • Industrial Optimizers shall be known in the transportation industry as a leading developer of planning and optimization systems and services.
  • Industrial Optimizers will grow with a focus on quality and profitability, with a development that exceeds the industry average.
  • Industrial Optimizers will be one of the preferred suppliers in priority markets.

The Company Values
Commitment – Committing to a great product and service, and to our mission to increase our customers’ profitability.

Integrity – Taking pride in our capabilities and a job well done, we act with integrity and honor: no smoke and mirrors, no promises we can’t keep.

Ownership – Taking care of Industrial Optimizers, and treating customers and partners as part of it. Working closely with the customer to provide the product that they need.