The design of MP² is based on customer requirements and extensive experience from airline consulting


MP² Integrated Package is the first airline system that manages schedule, maintenance, demand, connections, fleet and crew in one single software application.

It brings instant optimization, analysis and cost/revenue calculation for all these areas and it is easy to use.

By integrating all critical features needed for the airline planning chain the planning sequence is shortened and cross functional improvements are achieved. It also gives the decision maker a unique ability to immediately see what impact each and every change has on the total picture of the schedule.

An important key to profitability improvement for the airline is bridging planning and financial processes. With MP², airline management and strategic planners are given the possibility to exactly calculate and overview all associated costs and revenue connected to the operation.

Strategic decision support
Most airlines use multiple systems in their planning process. The system gathers and presents figures and facts, obtained from different data sources and systems within the company, to provide reliable and detailed strategic decision support. It dynamically recalculates and updates all costs and revenue as changes are made along the planning chain.

The MP² system makes it easy to compare actual outcome with the plan, which enables the user to identify and analyze the planned production and operated production. Any amount of schedules can be loaded for analysis and comparison.

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MP2AeroScheduler Plus

Download Product Sheet (PDF): MP2 Aero Overview